The distinction between those two separate landlord financial obligations was made very clear and went into great detail, directly affecting the base rent and additional costs. Cost saving measures and systems were implemented including the HVAC and electrical systems. The negotiations yielded a first class R&D facility with a seven-year lease. Two options to renew and expand were also won thereby ensuring Medica Corporation its goal of a long-term, stand-alone home.

Please contact Mr. Robert Hagopian, President, at 781-275-4892 for additional information.

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Staying put in two adjacent and tired class B buildings was not an option. The search began looking to balance the company's needs of image, building quality, management responsiveness, amenities, access and employee demographics. A building was identified as a "perfect fit" and two others were engaged for leverage. Rent concessions were negotiated but - more importantly-  the amount of base building improvements and tenant improvements were increased dramatically.


Medica Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of a line of easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, low-cost blood testing analyzers. The Company's rapid growth is a result of strategic focus on the worldwide need to lower healthcare costs. The founder wanted a stand-alone building with a marquis address for the company's biggest move. He also wanted the new headquarters to be the firm's last of his career and he wasn't planning on retirement in the near future.